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  • Guest Post: 4 Streetwear Must Haves for Spring 2017

    spring fashion

    It had to happen sooner or later. We get many requests for cross posting on our blog but frankly, we weren't sure what content you guys would like to see, so we hadn't progressed with it. But with our focus & resources slowly shifting towards creating...

  • Five Style Tips to Make you More Confident

    Like it or not, looks matter.  For example, there is evidence to suggest that your sexual attractiveness can impact on your job prospects, success with relationships & your first impressions when meeting someone for the first time.
  • How Often Should You Groom? Part 1 - Daily Grooming Routines for Men

    There has been a huge trend in men realising they have sensitive skin. Men have become dissatisfied with traditional shaving soaps and creams because they dry out their skin. Using a shave soap every day, can accelerate...
  • The Lesser Known Way that Barbers Transform their Customers

    barber shop chair
    My earliest memories of getting my hair cut would have been when I was 4 or 5 years old. My dad would pick me up from school and we would go to a barber called George’s near the construction site he worked at, run by an
  • Get the Perfect Shave with Shave Oil

    Shave Oil

    Using shave oil is an ancient old technique when it comes to lubrication of the skin prior to slicing away at hairs with a razor. With the introduction of shave creams and/or soaps in the early 20th century however, shave oils slowly gave way to their lathery friends. It made us wonder, why did this happen and is a soapy cream lather really the ultimate lubricant for shaving? Turns out it isn’t as clear cut as you may think.

  • Myth Busted: Shaving Doesn’t Make your Beard Thicker!

    hair cross section

    Loads of people have, for almost one hundred years, subscribed to the belief that shaving makes one’s hair grow back thicker, faster and stronger. Young men over decades have shaved enthusiastically, sure in the knowledge that their beard will grow ultimately better for doing so.