If you ask me, every man needs a special place to keep his prized possessions and engage in manly activities, whether it be tinkering on a car, building something, grooming the beard or just chilling out with some games. No matter what you're into, we think there are a number of "must-haves" when it comes to designing the ultimate man cave. Here they are:
Private Bar
man cave bar

It is every man’s dream to own a bar. Having your own bar in your man cave ensure that that famous “Cheers” tag line rings true, “somewhere where everybody knows your name”. With your own private bar you will never pay inflated alcohol prices again. Ideally for you man cave the bar would be a nice reclaimed wooden top with bar stools for your friends with you serving them from the other side.


beer on tap

No private bar is complete without a well stocked liquor supply. At any moment you should be able to reach over and grab an ice cold beer, pour yourself a aged single malt on the rocks or line up the shot glasses for you and your mates. I’ve always wanted to have my own kegerator, but as professional comedian and man cave owner Bert Kreischer has said, “they are great on paper, but not great in practice” as they are too hard to maintain. Also, the beer goes bad unless you're drinking it constantly. Perhaps they're best for parties, whilst stubbies will do when drinking solo.

Card Table

card table man cave

What is a Man cave without a poker table. Poker might be the best male bonding activity any group of friends can do. Having one would definitely up your stakes as the coolest host ever. Having some built in cup holders and ashtrays for cigars could be a great option as well.

Pool Table

pool table man cave

If you have the space there is no reason why you shouldn't have a pool table. You could say the pool room was the man cave before it was given its new title. So in homage to the sport and the room it would be wrong not to include it in the man cave.

Comfy seats/ your own personal recliner

couch man cave

A man cave is all about relaxation and comfort, and nothing is more comfortable than some big leather couches and cool bean bags. Of course as it is your man cave you should have an arm chair or recliner that is exclusively yours and only yours to sit on.

Dart Board

dart board

Dart boards are inexpensive and don't take up any room. It is a perfect side game so that if the pool table is occupied at least you or your friends have something to play with. Alternatively, if you're limited by space and you can’t fit a card table or pool table then a dart board is the next best thing.

Home Theater

home theatre

This is for when you want to chill out and watch a flick or have your mates round for the game. A good TV is pretty inexpensive these days but a projector would be an awesome investment if you like to be the host when sporting events are on.

Things that help define you as a man

man cave sign

When your mates walk inside your man cave you need to make it known that this is your space. There are many man caves like yours but this one is yours, so adding your own personal flair is essential. Try putting up movie posters of your favorite flicks, sports memorabilia or your favorite photos from that time you went on a fishing trip with the lads. This is your domain so own it.

Do you have a man cave? Are there any other man cave essential that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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Author: Kareem Ghaly

Ed: Ben De Campo

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