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Facial hair is no longer reserved for the Bearded Bushman. There are some big-name Hollywood celebs rockin’ an awesome facial do that is totally red-carpet-ready, making beards trendier than ever. Let’s look and see which leading men are sporting the best beards, they are sure to make you want to quit shaving. 

#1 Brad Pitt

You could hardly compile a list of ‘best celeb beards’ without including Brad. Rarely seen clean-shaven, he has had a few different bearded looks over the years, changing his style up when it suits but one thing’s for sure – he always gets it right, creating beard envy wherever he goes.

#2 Johnny Depp

Is this guy not the epitome of cool? One of the best character actors of all time, Johnny is possibly best known for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. One of the most memorable beards ever, a combination of moustache, soul patch and braided goatee – what guy wouldn’t want to wear a Captain Jack Sparrow beard? So popular with the ladies!

#3 Kanye West

Whether you love Kanye, or not so much, you must admit, the guy has a quite a unique style when it comes to his beard. Not a do that every man could pull off and it certainly matches his equally unique personality, the thin moustache and fuller chin is a dramatic look that suits him to a tee.

#4 Chris Hemsworth

Chris is another celeb that has sported a variety of beard styles over the years. From a shorter style to a fuller beard, the rugged or sophisticated look, no matter what, Chris wears his beard well. We have seen him clean-shaven before, but facial hair certainly suits him.

#5 Prince Harry

Few days go by without there being something in the media about Prince Harry. With that, his scruffy, ginger beard has become almost as famous as he is. He wears the look well and his facial fuzz is just one of those things that makes him so relateable despite him being, um, well… royalty. Remember when the little boy in Dubbo grabbed Prince Harry’s beard when he was down under last year? Ahhhh, too cute!

Which celebrity do you think rocks the best beard?

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