Brendan has been a Milkman Grooming Co Ambassador since the dawn of time. Not really. But for quite a while, Brendan has played an important role promoting the Milkman brand with regular and impressive Instagram posts showcasing our beard products. Brendan’s style and visual insight have allowed him to present some amazing layouts and set ups in stores such as Vampt Vintage Design and Freedom.

shop design layout

Many folks struggle with how to create a nice aesthetic in their living/work spaces. We asked Brendan for his thoughts on interior design & to give us some tips on how to approach the fit out of a space. Here's what he said....

“Your style goes beyond the clothes you wear, the way you get your haircut, or the music you listen to. Our style is reflected in the way we live – would you say your style is eclectic, retro, mid century, contemporary, coastal or boho?

Do you like to live simply or be surrounded by collections and keepsakes? I thought I’d briefly touch on each style we’ve mentioned above :

  • Eclectic – is the mixing of several differing styles of furniture – eg you may have a recycled timber dining table with 6 mixed chairs that don’t match, a 1970s sofa and a Queen Ann chair.
  • Retro – is a style from the 1960/70s, plastic laminate furniture, funky colours – think kitsch, genie bottles, flamingos and beads hanging in doorways.
  • Mid century – although a similar period to retro 1950/70s, mid century design is next level. Focusing on form, quality and amazing timbers like rosewood, oak, beech and teak. Tretchikoff wall art, huge shag rugs and furniture designed by the likes of Hans Wegner and Charles and Ray Eames.
  • Contemporary – modern and simple design, clean lines, large scale sofas, abstract artworks, glass and chrome.
  • Coastal – a relaxed style, with a more neutral colour palette. Timber or white wash furniture, lots of texture from jute floor rugs and woven lampshades. Quite often associated with blue, but also looks nice with ivy green.
    • Boho – a style that can be associated with being a bit hippyish and artsy. Lots of patterns and texture, macrame wall hangings, maybe leaning towards a bit Aztec, natural timbers and hand carved artisan pieces.

      I would have to say my style would be Mid Century – a passion I share with many others. Why is this style so popular you might ask? I honestly think it’s the familiarity it has, like going to your Nanna and Pop’s house when you were young – it evokes fond memories. Let’s not forget it’s also about design and aesthetics. Timeless Mid century design still inspires furniture design now, I guarantee and shop furniture store you walk into will have a sofa with tapered legs, or a coffee table with splayed legs.

      yello vintage lamp

      I have various pieces of furniture and collectibles, my favourites being my 1970s Danish leather recliner and my vintage Bertoncello Italian ceramic pieces – although a recent score of a Japanese 1970s ceramic Ikebana vase is pretty cool too. I’m very lucky to work in a funky vintage store and get to be surrounded by amazing pieces every week.

      Enough about me, what about if you’re not sure what your style is?

      My advice would be to start researching. With information at our fingertips through our smartphones, some great places to find inspiration are Instagram and Pinterest. Start collecting images of things that inspire you, colours you love – it doesn’t even have to be furniture yet! I use an app called Pic Collage and it easily lets you create mood boards and figure out what combinations you like. Even do it the old fashioned way and visit popular furniture retailers and get inspired by current trends and how they style their showroom.”

      retro furniture

      Brendan's deets:
      Name: Brendan Clarke
      Occupation: Visual Merchandiser
      Location: Blue Mountains, NSW
      Instagram: @bjc_creative


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