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Over the years I have become very tired of the club scene. Drinks are expensive, lines to the bar are long and you can’t have a conversation with anyone. As a result, I prefer to spend my evenings at bars with friends when I go out. During my time spent there I have developed a set of rules that I adhere to whenever I walk into a bar. They all pretty much revolve around being a decent person. It is surprising how many people who lose sight of that when they have a few. So for those of you who need some help here are 7 of my Dos and Don'ts when it comes to bar etiquette.

1. Know your limits

I have this one mate who every time he drinks it is as though it is for the first time. He’s split his head open, broken limbs, been found naked on a beach and woken up in the hospital several times. Yes, it may be “funny” (to a degree) to tell his tails to others, but in all fairness, it is in no way good for anyone involved. Whether you are having some casual drinks with your mates or out on the town, learn your limits and stick to them. It’s a lot less embarrassing to say no and stop when you feeling a bit drunk than vomiting, or passing out in public and making a fool out of yourself.

2. Tip your bartender

Ok so you might be thinking “bartenders don’t need tips in Australia because they get paid well” but while you are out having a good time they have given up their nights to create a good time. If you still think they are undeserving then do it for selfish reasons. A lot of the time when you tip a bartender and build that relationship they sort you out the next time with a freebie. It doesn’t hurt to be nice in this world. Admittedly if you don’t have a lot of money, then that’s cool, a few coins here and there will do.

3. No cut ins

One of my biggest pet peeves at a bar is when you see some weasel creeping their way towards the bar. You are not invisible, we can all see you! If you are this person, please stop being  a scumbag. Wait in line like everyone else. The excuse “but the line is sooooo long” is pathetic, if you are that desperate to have a drink then order your next one while there is still something in your glass.

4. Know your Drink

When a bar is crowded there is nothing worse than the guy who asks too many questions. If you are drinking beer then look at the taps and make up your mind before you get to the bar. Don’t ask for samples, or start looking at the menu when you get to the bar. Know what you want, order it and move along. Adopt the “Soup Nazi” approach and everyone will be happy. The only time where you can faff around is when the bar is empty or there are multiple bartenders.


5. Return you glass when you can

Now this one is not essential, but it will win you some points with the bartender. It doesn’t hurt to return your glass to the bar when you are finished. The bar staff will love it and it will get you on good terms with them for future visits. Having a good report with bar staff is the best thing you can do and they might hook you up in the future.

6. Be polite:

While yes bartenders are serving you that doesn't make them servers. Be polite, it doesn’t hurt. If the bar is quiet stop and ask them how their day is, say please and thank you and be sure to tip well if you can afford to. Something as simple as returning your glass is enough to win them over.

Don’t Fight:

There are many reasons not to start a fight at a bar (or anywhere). It’s a D--- head move, and violence is never usually necessary. Given Sydney’s current nightlife climate, and ridiculous lock-out laws, fighting only adds fuel to the fire and may cripple any chance of returning the city to its former glory. In short, if alcohol leads you to start fighting, then either stop drinking or stay at home.

I hope this guide gives you some help in better a better bar patron. If you already are then good on you, if you are a bit wayward in your approach to an evening out then please do the right thing. 

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