If you love your beard (and let’s face it, what’s not to love?), you’ll want to give it the very best tender loving care to keep it looking and feeling fantastic, no matter what the season. Here at Milkman Australia, we are very proud to be the experts in all things related to caring for your beard – offering superior, artisanal products like no others available, which are made especially for your beard and moustache.

Our amazing beard products are hand made with loving care and attention to detail from top shelf natural ingredients.  They smell subtly masculine in the very best way – appealing to not only you as the wearer, but also to those around you.  Are you looking for nourishing, luxury beard products?

Check these out:
  1. Beard Brushes and Combs: shaping and taming beard hairs is part of having a well-cared for beard. Brushes and combs made specifically for your beard will groom your beard without scratching the sensitive skin on your face. From our pear wood beard comb to our Beechwood and boar hair beard brush, our grooming tools for your facial hair are of quality and workmanship that are second to none. 
  2. Beards need to be shampooed regularly – but your regular head-hair shampoo will not cut it (and don’t even get us started on washing your beard with soap!).  These will leave your beard dry and bristly, and the skin underneath irritated. Our unique 2-in-1 beard shampoo and conditioner will remove the day’s sweat, dust, dirt, food, and anything else that build up in there; your beard will be left clean and conditioned, silky and softened.
  3. Beard balm is a luxury product which provides extra shine, condition, hold and pliability – nourishing and easy to apply, it is a step towards spoiling yourself and your beard. Fragranced with cedar and sandalwood, it smells utterly amazing.
  4. Beard oil conditions your beard and eliminates beard itch. It protects the skin, moisturises the face, and lubricates the hair follicles. Your beard will be soft and have lustre but will not feel greasy or oily at all. Additionally, there is no need to wear extra cologne – available in four fragrances, you and your beard will smell extremely attractive and appealing.
  5. If you have a moustache, minus his friend the beard, our Mo-Stick Moustache Wax is for you! A convenient little easy-to-apply twist tube of organic beeswax, jojoba, cocoa butter, pinon sap, and camellia oil will have your mo sitting perfectly and feeling and smelling fantastic. 

Not only are our products outstanding in quality, we also support charity organisations Beardson (working to protect Tasmania’s Tarkine forest) and The Beard Project. When you let us help you love your beard, you’re also contributing to our support of these worthy organisations.

Buy for yourself, or buy a gift for the bearded guy you love. Love your beard today – shop at Milkman Australia!

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