thoughtful bearded man
A Pogonologist is one who studies beards. A Pogonophile is one who loves beards. Those who are afraid of beards (why?) suffer from Pogonophobia.  For all fellow Pogonophiles out there, here are some weird and wonderful pieces of beard trivia that we obtained from the internet (so you know it must be true ;-)!

Ancient Mesopotamians and Persians valued beards greatly – they used beard oils, plaits, embellishment with gold threads and fine jewels, and even used hot tongs to create ringlets in their beards. Facial hair was associated with virility, leadership, wisdom, and knowledge.

  • In some Eastern societies, the punishment for adultery was having one’s beard forcibly shaved off. Beards were so prized; they were even used as collateral on loans.
  • Certain Celtic and Germanic tribes disliked beards and instead grew long hair and long moustaches. A young man was not permitted to shave his beard for the first time until he had killed his first enemy.
  • Royal documents in the past were solemnised by having three hairs from the king’s beard stuck into the wax seal.
  • The envoy of Queen Elizabeth I to the court of Russia’s Ivan the Terrible had a thick, blond beard which measured over five feet long. The Russian ruler was so enamoured of it he was reported to have played with it!
  • Russian Tsar Peter the Great so wanted men in his society to be clean-shaven that he imposed a tax on beards. Noblemen had to pay one hundred roubles per year to have a license to grow a beard.
  • Have you ever wondered why men of the US Civil War wore beards without moustaches, a la Abraham Lincoln? It was apparently for ease when eating.
  • The world’s longest ever recorded beard belonged to a Punjabi Indian. It was measured at 1.83 metres, or six feet, from chin to tip.
  • Full beards are so prized in Saudi Arabia, as a sign of masculinity and power that some men actually invest in beard transplant technology.
  • Modern-day Mormon men need to be granted special permission to be allowed to grow beards, as decreed by their religion. Ironically, famous Mormon prophet Brigham Young was renowned for his mutton chops and long goatee beard. 
  • The rate at which a man’s beard grows is determined by genetics, and also by his rate of sexual activity. The more active the man, the faster his beard will grow. This has been scientifically determined by a physicist.
  • Surveys have shown that bearded men are generally considered more attractive to women. In this regard a tidy cropped beard tends to rank better than a full beard, even though many folks would say that any sort of beard can convey a strong sense of masculinity and wisdom.

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