Television, film and music have always influenced how we think, dress and style our hair. For the longest time television has been the most enjoyed medium of entertainment, and since the advent of television online through providers like Netflix, we are inundated with more content that we have time to watch. In recent years, there have been 3 style icons that have risen out through television that have undoubtedly influenced the way modern men dress, groom and style their hair. These characters are:


Don Draper: Mad men: 

I remember watching the first episode of Mad Men 9 years ago and thinking, Don Draper played by John Hamm, might the coolest cat on television. The way he smoked his cigarettes, drank his whiskey and spoke to people was always measured, calm and collected. He demands respect with his body language, and his haircut is that of a man in control. I found that as the show grew in popularity so to did his short back and sides, side part haircut. The haircut style was opposite to the style which dominated the first half of the decade, which was fringe grown long and swept to one side covering the  forehead. While the Draper cut has long hair at the front, it is swept back and worn with a side part. This haircut style both with myself and with others was quite popular and the was a resurgence of this old world, 1950 side part hairstyle. His impact on the hairstyles, dress sense and choice of cocktail (“I’ll have an old fashioned”) has found a place in today's modern man.

Thomas Shelby: Peaky Blinders

I had a mate first-year uni who within 5 minutes of talking to one another became instant friends. Our conversations centered around music, tv, films and books. Recently I got a call from him one day saying “mate are you watching 'Peaky Blinders'? If not, you need to!" You will love it!” I ended up watching it, and he was right, I loved it. I binged watched the first two seasons in a week. In the same way, Don Draper has a brooding, cool calm veneer so too is Cillian Murphy's character Thomas Shelby in the show. It wasn’t until after watching the show that I realized how heavily people were adopting this style. Over the last few years, the faded short back and side haircut was and still is super popular. With so many people ‘donning’ the Don Draper Style the need to stand out and differentiate lead to the high top fade with a side part and the step-fade worn by Shelby in “Blinder”. There has also been a resurgence in the 1920s flat cap, the style worn by the 'Peaky Blinders' in the show.


Ragnar Lothbrok: Vikings

Since the popularization of “Game of Thrones,” most people were left wanting more of those medieval style tv, action dramas. In 2013 we got just that with the TV series “Vikings”. The influence of the show was seen with many many growing their beards longer and wearing their hair in a topknot, or man bun. Another look popularized by the show was the braid with shaved sides worn by the show's leading character Ragnar Lothbrok as played by Travis Fimmel. Viking is one of our favorites in the Milkman office so it interesting to see that the look has been truly embraced by the public. This raw, masculine look is a perfect accompaniment to the current shift in societal trends. Two of the most notable are the craft beer, and smoked meats movement, which lends themselves to the ale and animals over the fire in the world of “Vikings”.


There is something to be said about all three men and their influence on the styles of men. They are all strong leaders. They command respect with very few words, get the women they want to get and do it all with seemingly very little effort. They are stoic in their approach to the world and their ability to stay calm when others are heated and yet exhibit anger and power when needed makes something to aspire to for most men.

So is there a link between the personalities portrayed by these men that led to the popularization of these fashion trends or are they just super badass haircuts?  


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Author: Kareem Ghaly



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