Many people see winter as that miserable time of year when days get shorter, the sun in the sky seems a little lower and the breeze changes from that warm tingle to the brisk whack on the face. But I see winter differently. For me it is not a season to dread, instead it’s a time of year to embrace in all its glory because if offers so much. 

In light of our recent support for BeardsOn for Conservation, an environmental organisation encouraging men to grow beards during winter to raise awareness about climate change, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to the reasons on why I love winter. 

Firstly, winter brings my birthday. I was born in July, and maybe it’s because of the fact I am a winter baby means that I enjoy the cold more than the warmth. I have something to celebrate mid-year and my birthday takes my mind off the bleak chill that is present the moment I step outside. One of my favourite holidays is taking a trip down to the snow around the time of my birthday and carving up the slopes on my skis. 

Also, winter brings my favourite sports back to the television. I am a dedicated rugby fan, and enjoy both NRL and rugby union. I played rugby union in my final years of school and have grown up watching NRL with my dad and grandad since I was just a kid. When the weekend comes around and I’m not going out, there is nothing more comforting than sitting down on the couch with my feet up and the heater on, a beer in one hand and my other in a bag of chips, hoping that my team gets up this week. Only a fellow sporting fan will know the joy and tranquillity of this feeling. This feeling can only be matched when seeking refuge in a pub on a freezing Friday night with a few mates and watching the game, surrounded by die hard battlers who hope screaming at the big screen enough will change the result of any game. 

I guess seeking refuge in any pub or bar on any given freezing winter weekend brings me a level of excitement. The city on a frosty night is an unforgiving one and when I am out with friends we all know we have to seek out a bar quickly before we surrender to the cold. It’s fun to scamper through the streets, arguing which place we should go to with our hands in our pockets and chins in our collars fighting the wind and ice. Once we walk into the restaurant or bar we agreed upon, the relief we get taking off that heavy jacket and sitting down and grabbing a drink is really satisfying. I think the jokes are better in winter as well. I remember one night I was out with some friends when Vivid Light Show was on (only during winter!), and it was a subzero night. I was shaking in my boots and was so happy when we sat in a warm pub afterwards, sharing our stories of the evening.  

Going out is also fun because my winter wardrobe looks better than my summer wardrobe. I am a "pants guy" and like putting on jeans or chinos without overheating like I do in summer. I also enjoy sporting my favourite jackets on chilly nights. 

During winter you can also drink and eat until your heart's content and no one will notice the slight weight gain (until summer rolls around). Seeking comfort in food during winter is natural and for a brief few weeks you can feast on burgers and hot chocolate lava cakes and wear enough clothing that people won’t question the new gut underneath that jumper. As they say, winter is bulking season. And while spring approaches but it’s still cold enough not enjoy the warming nights, you still have enough time to diet and exercise if you feel like you have to. For me, the best food is cooked during winter. Soups, stews, pasta, pies, and stuffed cabbage rolls are amongst my favourite home cooked winter meals. 

After a wholesome dinner, curling up in front of the TV next to your partner while it’s windy and raining outside brings that extra level of coziness you can’t experience during summer. And then, for me, going to bed and listening to the winter rain that’s helping me fall asleep while it’s cool enough to get comfortable but not hot enough (like those hellish summer nights) to sweat. 

Lastly, winter brings the added luxury knowing that my beard is being put to good use. I don’t know about you, but face does feel warmer when I grow my beard. If you are able to, I highly suggest a growing a beard this winter. Not only will it look great, but as nature intended, it will keep your face nice and warm. While you’re at it, support BeardsOn for Conversation and every $2 raised will plant a tree. For more info, visit

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Author: John Porreca

Ed: Ben De Campo

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