In 2008 I was introduced to the wonderful world of podcasting by a friend. He recommended “Smodcast”, hosted by Kevin Smith (a man with a wonderful beard) and Scott Mosier. Growing up and even to this day I enjoyed the universe or “View Askewniverse” created in Kevin Smith films. I had a special relationship with the film Clerks as I identified with the struggling store clerk, unhappy with my station in life and complaining rather than being proactive and doing something about my situation. 

I enjoyed his films because they used dialogue to set the tone of the movie rather than special effects. They were films more reflective of the world of theater & character-driven story telling.  So when I heard that one of my favorite filmmakers had a “podcast” I was immediately intrigued.  It was a gateway podcast, that has become a daily obsession.

In a world flooded with noise & way too much pointless information, podcasts are a wonderful vehicle to consume high quality content without getting distracted. It's as easy as popping one on when you're driving, or putting some headphones on at the gym or during the commute to work. 

If you've heard about the podcast world but never ventured into it or have listened to some but you’re looking for something fresh, then here are some that we at Milkman HQ love and recommend for dudes across the world. If you want to listen to any of these great shows you can find them on iTunes, click the links provided below, or just Google them.



As I've mentioned, this podcast is hosted by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. Kevin Smith writer and director of such films as Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma as well as countless others. The dynamics between Kevin and Scott is a match made in heaven ( a weird, augmented, juvenile version of heaven).

The podcast premises have no formulaic structure. Scott and Kev can have entire podcasts where they assume roles and characters they read in articles and carry improvised, crude versions of events that might have taken place. They offer insight into their younger selves both through anecdote, recordings and letters written by their younger selves. In doing so they give the listener an insight into their career journey, in a mix of funny stories, crazy characters and banter between two friends delivered with genuine showmanship. They cover topics like film, comic books, relationships, being a parent with an overarching theme of “you can do anything you set your mind to”. 

I have a special connection with this podcast because it reminds me of conversations with friends. While there may be an original premise or topic of discussion for the podcast, the dialogue is nothing but organic, they make you feel as though you are apart of the conversation rather than just an outsider looking in. It is the perfect audio companion to individuals who are a bit quirky, silly and juvenile at times and is an unpretentious representation of two mates who love to have a laugh.

2. The Joe Rogan Experience

joe rogan experience

Joe Rogan is a man of many talents. He is a comedian, UFC commentator, former Taekwondo champion, host of the television series "Fear Factor" and actor on the TV series "NewsRadio". There are 776 Joe Rogan experience podcasts to date, and guaranteed there will be several more by the time this article is released. Each podcast is between 2-3 hours, more often than not leaning towards the 3 hour mark. If you were to play these episodes back to back, there would be roughly 1940 hours, or 80 days of straight content. All of it free. When it comes to expanding one's consciousness, shedding light on issues or introducing individuals to new ways of thinking, there is no other podcast like the JRE.

While being firmly fixed in the world of comedy and fighting, his guests go beyond his passions and extend to the things that he is personally interested in. With each episode being 2-3 hours long, there's ample time for unrushed conversation that digs deep into the topics at hand. Regardless of your interests there is an episode out there with one of your heroes or prominent figures in areas that interest you.

3. The Monday Morning Podcast

bill burr monday podcast

One of my favourite comedians of all time is Bill Burr. If you are into watching comedy specials or listening to comedy albums then this is great podcast for you. The podcast is essentially just Bill rambling to himself about current events that have happened throughout the week. His cadence, funny voices that fluctuate drastically in pitch and also the personas he assumes mid conversation are beyond hysterical.

His solo rants border on lunacy with a lines blurring between Bill Burr the man and Bill Burr the comedian from start and finish. He has a section within the podcast where he reads questions written to him by fans, his approach to most topics showcase his outrageous persona and offer greater insight into his outlook on the world.

4. WTF with Marc Maron

wtf with marc marron

With respect to his arsenal of prolific guests no one really compares to the scale or Mark Marron. His myriad of guests include late great comedians Robin Williams and Patrice O'Neal, to big names in film like Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller, musicians like Keith Richards and even President Barack Obama, have been forever immortalised on his podcast and can be accessed at the click of the button.

As well as his guest list being so impressive, Maron invites you into what makes him tick, opens up about his life, his insecurities, neuroses, problems he is working out and where he is in his life. All of this is presented in a very organic stream of consciousness before each episode.

He offers a reflection of what each guests means to him, his connection with them based on personal relationships or his thoughts on their career and how they have made him think and feel. If you like these big names then this is the perfect vehicle for you to gain an insight into their lives, beyond a standard late night talk show where you get an uncandid 5 minute snippet of their personality. It is definitely worth a listen.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show

the tim ferris show

This last recommendation is a doozy! When it comes to the perfect balance of guests, motivational tips, high value content as well as a few laughs, the Tim Ferriss Show is a one stop shop for the bloke who wants to optimise their life. The author of the The 4 Hour Work Week, The 4 Hour Body and the The 4 Hour Chef, Tim uses his podcast to interview some of the world's best in a range of fields to see what makes them tick drawing insight from their lives and giving the listener routines or ways of doing things that can enhance their output.

As, with everything he does, Tim goes deep, with each podcast coming in around the 2 hour mark or just under. In this time you get a tonne of insight from each guest, and there isn't any filler. The episodes are rich with experience, advice & recommendations for becoming a better version of yourself.

If you want to sample just one episode before deciding whether or not to subscribe, the interview with Jamie Foxx is excellent.


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