When most people from around the world view Australia there are a number of stereotypes that come up. They believe that at any moment we are at risk of being bitten by a spider, snake or crocodile. That we are constantly intoxicated. That we use kangaroos as a mode of transport. And the sun is always turned up to 40 degrees on the desert we call home.

While some of these have an air of truth, it's safe to say that there's more to our weather than meets the eye. If we take the stereotype of the weather and focus on the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, the high temps are high in summer and the lows are quite low in winter. Looking at last year's winter for example, temps got so low in states like Queensland (a notoriously tropical state) that it actually snowed, offering some Queenslanders their first look at the white stuff in their lives.

This winter we aren’t taking any chances, so we have compiled a list of timeless winter essentials that will help you get through this winter and many more to come.

  • Leather Jacket: A leather jacket is an absolute staple in any a men's wardrobe. It can be worn up or down depending on style or occasion. It is a rare item of clothing in the sense that the more you wear it the better it looks, the better it fits you and the better it feels. It may just be the most durable item of clothing you will own and is something worth investing in. It will provide you with a snug warmth over the winter months and will be something to cherish over the years to follow. Word of advice try and find a fitted leather jacket like a riding or bomber jacket. Avoid long leather trench coats and dusters...unless of course you’re going as Neo from the Matrix to a dress up party, but economically speaking that might not be the soundest investment so you might as well buy a riding jacket and go as Danny Zuko from Grease (chicks dig Travolta).

instagram model wearing black leather jacket

  • A double breasted Pea coat:  A pea coat is an excellent look for any man regardless of shape, size or age. They are traditionally made from wool and are not to be confused with the their longer, belted cousin the trench coat. Having a peacoat is a perfect way to class up an outfit while still staying warm. A good tip is to buy one that is big enough that you can wear a sweater underneath so you are comfortable and able to move. The peacoat is good for both short and tall men while a trench coat is longer and is more stylistically suited to taller fella.  

tattoo man wearing black coat and beany

  • A scarf: A woolen scarf is an absolute must in winter, both in form and function. This sentiment is evidenced in “Wu Tang Clan's” track “protect ya neck” which everyone knows is about the importance of rugging up in flu season. A simple woolen scarf is a brilliant way to tie an outfit together, works perfectly with an open peacoat or sweater whilst simultaneously reducing your risk of catching a cold. A good rule of thumb for choosing your scarf length is that both ends when resting on you neck reach your waistline. Two things to remember as a bloke when it comes to scarves; One, Always check to see you haven't left it at a bar or restaurant and two, never buy those skinny scarves they are both impractical and look ridiculous.

man with scarf and beany

  • Boots: From Doc Martens, Timberlands, RMs to riding boots, owning a pair of good leather boots is imperative come winter. When it comes to durability, choose leather boots that are waterproof and have a rubber soul. This will ensure that the boots have greater longevity and will keep your feet nice and warm. There is nothing worse than stepping in a puddle on a winter's night and soaking through to your socks, so being waterproof is very important. While boots may seem expensive they are so for a reason. Generally the more pricey they are the longer they will last, but they will needless trips to the cobbler and longer times between buying another pair.

men's black leather boots

  • Thermals: It is always good to own at least one pair of thermal tops and bottoms regardless of profession. For those who are constantly travelling from meeting to meeting in town thermals provide a warmth that is usually only achieved by wearing a thick jumper or woolen jacket whilst seamlessly fitting under your suit and collared shirt. Similarly if your work involves manual labour, thermals allow for more movement than a puffy jacket does and still performs the same task of keeping you warm. You can get different grades of thermals to cater for different temperatures and occasions, so choose ones that are appropriate to your surroundings, there is no point in getting one made for the extremes of Mt Everest if you're going to be wearing it under a suit.
thermals on a man


I hope with this knowledge you will be able to choose some essentials to help you get through this winter and many more to come.  Stay safe, rug up and look sharp this winter!


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Author: Kareem Ghaly

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